LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi? (Try This Quick Fix FIRST!)

Most LG TVs eventually have the same problem: they won’t connect to WiFi.

There are countless cases of LG TV owners claiming to have experienced this issue, with some claiming it’s been a problem for years!

Fortunately, there is a quick fix that should fix about 80% of LG TVs that won’t connect to WiFi.

How To Fix An LG TV That Won’t Connect To WiFi

If your LG TV won’t connect to WiFi, you must reset it. Disconnect your TV from the wall and wait one minute. While the device is unplugged, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Then, wait a minute and reconnect your TV’s power cable connection.  The TV will softly reboot, and your LG TV should connect to WiFi again!

Power-cycle LG TV

One of the most common methods for fixing a Wi-Fi connection issue on your LG TV is to unplug it from the wall outlet, although it may seem obvious.

Be patient and make sure you wait 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

While the TV is unplugged from the power source, locate and press the power button on your TV for 30 seconds, which is typically found on the bottom or back of the TV.

NOTE: You must hold the power button on your TV, and not the remote control for this to work properly.

Power cycling is more efficient than turning your TV on and off because it will cause your TV to do a soft reset and use up any remaining battery life.

After a minute, reconnect the TV’s power cord, and the WiFi connection should work immediately!

This fix should work for most of you, but we have a few other suggestions if it doesn’t.

Factory reset LG TV

If the power cycle didn’t fix your LG TV’s WiFi connection issues, it might be time to reset your device back to the factory settings.

Before doing so, make sure you know that factory resetting your LG Smart TV will delete all account settings and applications.

Here are the instructions on how you can factory reset your LG TV.

Factory resetting an LG Smart TV.

With a remote

  1. Turn the TV on.
  2. Press the Gear icon on your remote.
  3. Scroll until you see All Settings and click it.
  4. Choose General.
  5. Select Reset to Initial Settings.

This will reset the connection settings on your television and reset the cache.

Without a remote

  1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  2. Click Menu.
  3. Navigate to All Settings.
  4. Choose General.
  5. Select Reset to Initial Settings.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to use the buttons on the device to navigate the menu.

And if that’s not working, here are a few other solutions to try:

  • Plug in a USB keyboard and use it to navigate the menu.
  • Download the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone.
  • Use a universal remote and connect it to your TV.

NOTE: When done correctly, your LG TV should power off and on and then display the initial setup screen.

Turn off Quick Start

Most LG Smart TVs have the “Quick Start” feature which may cause connection issues, so you should turn this setting off if it’s available.

  1. Press the Gear icon on your remote.
  2. Select All Settings from the menu.
  3. Choose General.
  4. Scroll until you see the “Quick Start” setting.
  5. Make sure it’s turned OFF.
  6. Turn your TV off then unplug it.
  7. Press and hold the power button on your TV for 30 seconds.
  8. Plug the TV back in, power it on, and try reconnecting to the WiFi Network.
Turning Quick Start off LG TV.

Update the TVs date and time

A known bug in some LG TV models causes the time to reset after a reboot. For example, if your television loses power and then turns back on, the clock could be empty. If this happens to you, you’ll have to set the time manually.

  1. Press the Gear icon on your remote.
  2. Select All Settings then General.
  3. Choose Time & Date then Change Time Zone.
  4. Click Next and set your correct time zone.

This will fix any Wi-Fi connectivity issue caused by the specific bug!

Updating LG TVs date and time.

Update the TVs location

If your LG TVs location is “automatically” set, you may encounter connectivity issues.

The TV’s software usually has difficulty assigning the location, so the WiFi connection is not being established.

So you want to update the location of your TV manually, which should fix the issue!

  1. Click the Gear icon on your remote.
  2. Choose All Settings.
  3. Select General then Location.
  4. Find LG Service Country.

Now, you’ll want to select a random country from the list (make sure it isn’t your actual country).

Your TV will reset itself, then you’ll want to repeat the process and select your real country this time.

Finally, you’ll want to repeat the process one last time but make sure to select “set automatically” from the list.

Set up your WiFi again and your internet connection should work perfectly again.

Changing LG Service Country settings.

Error Message: “WiFi Is Turned Off”

If you have an older LG TV, you may run into an issue caused by a crimped WiFi cable inside of the television.

You’ll receive an error message that says “WiFi Is Turned Off. Turn it on to see the additional list of networks you can connect to and additional related items” without any additional instructions to help you out.

WiFi is turned off error message.

So if you run into this error, follow these steps:

  1. Place the TV on a flat surface, facing downwards.
  2. Remove the backside of your television.
  3. Analyze the flat silver cables that extend from the Wi-Fi module near the bottom. Straighten them out if they are bent or folded over, making sure not to damage them or pull them out of the WiFi module.
  4. Reinstall the backside of the television and try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Unreliable Network Connection

Try these quick fixes if you can establish your internet connection, but it’s unreliable.

  • Use an ethernet cable for a more robust, wired connection.
  • Move your wireless router closer to the television.
  • Check if any USB devices are connected to the TV, which are known to cause connection issues.
  • Monitor any devices that could mess up the WiFi signal, such as a microwave, wireless speaker, or a radio-controlled drone. For other devices that may interfere, check the complete list here.

One other solution for an unreliable connection is to change the DNS Settings on your television.

  • Press the Gear icon on your remote.
  • Go to Network & Internet then Network Status.
  • Click Edit then change automatic to manual.
  • Input then press Enter to connect to the internet.
Setting DNS settings on LG Smart TV.

Can’t Find Network

If you’re unable to find your Wi-Fi on the network list, follow these steps.

  • Check and see if the router and modem are turned on.
  • Make sure the router is close enough to the TV.
  • Unplug the router and modem for 30 seconds each then plug both of them back in.

No Internet Access

If you’re able to join the network but you receive a message saying there’s no internet access, it may be an issue with your internet service provider (ISP).

Check the WiFi connection on another device, like a computer, mobile phone, or gaming device to see if it works.

If not, call your ISP, and they should be able to help you out.

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Software Updates

Not having your LG Smart TV updated can cause an array of issues, WiFi connection being one of them.

While your LG TV should be automatically updating, you may have to manually update it:

  1. Press the Gear icon on your remote.
  2. Select Settings then All Settings.
  3. Choose General then About this TV.
  4. Make sure Automatic Updates is on, and manually check for any updates while you’re there.
Updating our LG TVs software.

You can also manually update your LG TV by entering your model number on LG’s support page, downloading the update onto a USB flash drive, and then inserting the USB into your TV.

NOTE: In addition to a software update, you could have outdated firmware or hardware. If that’s the case, click the support page above and contact LG directly.

Incorrect WiFi Password

Lastly, an incorrect Wi-Fi password will make it so you can’t connect to the internet.

Make sure you’re typing the password correctly since it’s case-sensitive and won’t work otherwise.

LG TV WiFi Alternatives

If you’re unable to fix your LG Smart TVs WiFi issue, there are a few other ways to connect your device to the internet.

Ethernet or wired connection

One of the best ways to connect to the internet is by using a wired, ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection.

This provides a more stable, faster connection that works whenever the router is on and connected.

Streaming device

If you’re deadset on using WiFi, a streaming stick like the Fire TV or Apple TV is a great option.

They’ll allow you to stream any of your favorite shows or movies straight to your LG Smart TV, even if the television isn’t connected to the internet.

Gaming console

If you have a gaming console sitting around, like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can connect it to the TV and stream your favorite content that way instead.

How To Turn WiFi On LG TV

  1. Press the Gear icon on your remote control.
  2. Select Network settings then Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Choose your WiFi network and enter the password.

Congratulations, you’re now connected to the internet on your LG Smart TV!


I hope these troubleshooting steps on fixing your LG TV that won’t connect to WiFi helped.

There are quite a few solutions we’ve tried, but every situation is unique, so make sure you give everything a try in the order we listed.

Hopefully, you can now connect your LG TV to WiFi and enjoy your favorite streaming platforms!