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TechMaestro provides tech help for everyday consumers like yourself. Our content library helps you with common questions about social media, hardware, and tech issues — in the simplest and most effective ways possible.

We aim to be the one-stop resource for everyday consumers where you can find trusted expert help.

Meet The Team

Samuel Park (Founder & Owner)

A headshot of Samuel Park, founder of TechMaestro.

Hey! I’m Samuel Park, a tech expert with over 12 years of professional experience. Tech has always been my passion: building PCs, launching side projects, hosting servers, or modding video games!

Since I live and breathe tech, I founded TechMaestro to help everyday consumers with their tech problems most efficiently.

Also, I’m the primary writer of content published on this site so I hope you enjoy!

Jessica Cooper (Fact-checker & Editor)

Hi there, I’m Jessica Cooper. Growing up, tech always came naturally to me — whether it was fixing an issue on the TV, working on a computer, or anything in-between.

I’ve teamed up with Sam to fact-check and edit every piece of content published on TechMaestro. That way, you can be sure you’re making the right decisions as an everyday consumer.

P.S. Please contact us below if you find anything outdated — I’ll check on it and make any necessary edits.

Content And Editorial Guidelines

Every piece of content we publish is intended to be useful, well-researched, original content. Before publishing, every piece of content is fact-checked and edited. This ensures the content is readable, easy to digest, and accurate.

In addition, we like to go back and edit older articles when needed. Please contact us using the email address below if you find anything outdated or incorrect on our website.

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Currently, we only have a Twitter account where we publish new posts from our blog and any media mentions we’ve received — any other social media accounts using our name or brand are not us and should be reported. We will update this section if this ever changes.

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