Do Hisense TVs Have Bluetooth? (YES – Here’s How To Use It!)

Have you recently purchased a Hisense Smart TV and wondered whether or not it supports Bluetooth?

Yes — most Hisense Smart TVs do support Bluetooth. Here is the list of series that natively supports it: A4H, A6, A60, A6G, A7, H55, H65, H8, H8G, H8G1, H9, Laser TV, U6, U7, U8, and the U9 series.

In this post, we’ll cover step-by-step how to set up Bluetooth on your Hisense TV in 5 minutes or less.

How to Enable Bluetooth on your Hisense Smart TV

To enable Bluetooth on your Hisense Smart TV, you’ll first want to ensure the device you want to connect is in pairing mode.

It may sound simple, but it’s commonly overlooked and the main reason most consumers cannot connect to their television.

For most devices, you’ll want to press and hold a button on the device to turn it into “pairing mode.”

Each device has a slightly different process, so you may want to look it up if you’re having trouble.

Now that your device is in pairing mode, let’s connect Bluetooth to your Hisense Smart TV.

  1. Press and hold the Menu button on your remote control.
  2. Navigate to Settings (gear icon on the top right of the screen).
  3. Depending on the device you’re using, select Network or Remotes & Accessories.
  4. Finally, select Bluetooth then Equipment Management if your device isn’t already searching.

NOTE: After enabling Bluetooth, it may take a few seconds before you hear any audio which is completely normal.

If you’re having connection issues after setting it up, try our troubleshooting steps listed below!

How to check if your Hisense TV supports Bluetooth

To check if your Hisense TV supports Bluetooth, you’ll want to visit their official website and check if your specific model supports it.

Once you’re on the website, check out the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down the choices.

After you find your exact model, select “View Product” to pull up many details for your television.

Select the “Specifications” tab, and then look for the “Connectivity” section.

Under Bluetooth, it’ll either have a Yes or No answer, giving you exactly what you’re looking for!

NOTE: While you’re on this page, you can find a ton of other interesting details about your television.

How to troubleshoot common Hisense TV Bluetooth issues

As with any tech product, you may run into a few problems along the way.

No need to worry though, we put together seven common solutions for fixing it, in order from most common to least common.

Solution 1: Forget (or remove) the Bluetooth device from your television, and try reconnecting.

Solution 2: Update your Hisense television to the latest firmware.

Solution 3: Turn off the device you’re trying to connect, wait 30 seconds, then power it back on.

Solution 4: Disconnect your Hisense TV from the wall outlet for one minute. While it’s detached, keep the power button on the TV pressed for at least 15 seconds. This will reboot your TV and complete a soft reset.

Solution 5: Check your range. The Bluetooth may not work properly if you’re further than 25 feet (~7.5 meters). In addition, other Bluetooth devices may cause interference.

Solution 6: Reset your modem and router. Unplug it, wait 60 seconds, then plug it back in. Lastly, reconnect your television to the WiFi (if necessary) then try again.

Solution 7: Last but not least, update the firmware on your Bluetooth device.

NOTE: If you’re still having issues with your Hisense TV and Bluetooth, contact Hisense support directly.